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Author of "Second Sight Development"
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Azriel is a life-long, active Seer (psychic-medium) with a passion for helping others find clarity and wellness in all areas of life!
She utilizes a unique combination of specially-honed modalities, providing balanced and personalized sessions that influence positive, lasting results! Every session is guaranteed to be illuminating, impactful, educational and intimate.  

Second Sight (psychic-mediumship) Astrology, Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) , Energy Work, Shirodhara, and Second Sight Development!

  " When we learn the processes that occur after death, and when we secure ourselves to a Higher Power that we love and resonate with, death is no longer a dark, depressing or scary event.  It is recognized as another stage to experience.  A right-of-passage."


Halloween 2021 Mrs. Lovett

Psychic Consultations  Include

We have numerous life pathways to choose from every day.  Azriel illuminates those options via fast-paced & in-depth psychic readings, and will assist you in planning and achieving your goals via psychic consultations, mediumship, shirodhara, NLP and other modalities!  

Along our life-journeys, we also come to face the challenge of losing loved ones, as well as our own mortality. For communication and closure after taking one's leave (or preparing for it), Azriel provides a comforting, yet, straight-forward and practical approach to helping others come to peace after loss. She is currently pursuing her degree in Mortuary Science, after which she plans to establish her own facility, providing additional spiritual services to families in grief and to the deceased.


Overcome conditioning that has resulted in unhealthy behaviors, toxic relationship self-limiting beliefs! Reprogram your mind, harness your emotions and develop rational-response, over emotional impulses/outbursts.   This is your mental & emotional detoxifying evolution!

Combining metaphysical and spiritual practices, holistic health and astrology encourages the third eye to open.  This creates harmony within the body, mind and spirit, and encourages a solid relationship with the higher power.  

We all have these gifts! Azriel helps her clients realize their own psychic abilities, and instructs how to exercise and utilize them!


  • 34 years consciously, Psychically Active
  • Psychic-Medium for Paranormal Investigation Teams :  P.A.R.Team | Ghostwatch Paranormal | Brainwaves Horror & Paranormal | Haunted Hiking
  • Ayurvedic Colleague to Dr. Ajita Patel 2019–present 
  • Reiki Master – Attuned by Kenna Brett | OC Energy Healing 2018
  • NLP Prac & NLP Ma – by Kain Ramsay | Mastermind of Applied Psychology 2017
  • Aromatherapist – by International Certified Aromatherapy Institute 2015
  • Reiki I & II – by Cindy Marks | Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center 2014